Getting details about contacts

There are a couple of main ways to get information about contacts:

1. Contact summary

2. Specific details

Contact Summary

To get a summary of a contact or account including contact details you can ask -

Format Example
"What's the latest on {contact name} at {account_name}?" "What's the latest on Lisa Simpson at Globex?"
"Give me a summary on {contact name} at {account_name}" "Give me a summary on Lisa Simpson at Globex"
"Find {contact_name} at {account_name}" "Find Lisa Simpson at Globex"



Specific Details

If you are wanting to find out the value of a specific field in Salesforce for a contact, try phrasing the question in the following ways in case you are having issues being understood:

Format Example
"What's the {field} of {contact name} at {account_name}?" "What's the email address of Lisa Simpson at Globex?"
"What's {contact name}'s at {account_name}'s {field}?" "What's Lisa Simpson at Globex's phone number?"



  • While you do not need to include the account name, doing so will ensure you get more accurate results.
  • Use capital letters for any contact or account names to ensure matching
  • Tact supports only standard fields in Salesforce


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