Using Tact Email

Logging an email

Logging customer emails is almost effortless with Tact. 

Here's one quick way to do it:


1. Swipe left on an email and tap 'Log' 

2. Add any notes to the description field and tap 'Save'

3. Tact will prompt you to add a follow up task. 

 Pro Tip: If an email is from a contact already in Salesforce, we'll automatically fill out the name and related to (account) fields. Tap 'Name' to select or create a new contact. Tap 'Related To' to select or create a new account.


Your Priority Mailbox

The Priority Mailbox prioritizes your email based on your open opportunities and starred contacts so you’ll know exactly who to respond to first.


Tap 'Mailboxes' to access your email folders.

  • Tap 'Priority' to view your prioritized emails.
  • Tap 'Tracked' to view your tracked emails. 

 Pro tip: You can tap the email tab twice to quickly change mailboxes. 

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