How to connect a Salesforce Sandbox to your Tact Account


When connecting to a Salesforce Sandbox, make sure to skip connecting to Salesforce during the sign up process. Below is a step by step process of how to add a Sandbox Salesforce account to your Tact account.


1. Tap 'Create New Account'

2. Pick Local Sources Screen

  • Select Contacts (by sliding the green bar to the right)


** If you have not given Tact access to your device local contacts you will see this error page.

Error Step 1.  Tap on Settings



Error Step 2. Select Contacts (by sliding the green bar to the right). You can find this screen by going to iPhone Settings > Tact. 


3. Continue through the sign up process by connecting

  • Calendars
  • Reminders

4. Connect Salesforce Page

  • Tap 'Remind Me later' or 'Skip'

5. Select Email Sources Screen

  • Tap 'Remind Me later' or 'Skip"


**If you get this error screen, select "Connect Local Contacts" and then refer to Error Step 2 above.

6. Tact Username

  • Sign up using an email that ends in ""

7. Create a Password

8. Now allow the App to Sync

Once your account has sync'd you can go ahead and connect to your Salesforce Sandbox to Tact.

9. Tap 'Settings'


10. Data Sources

  • Tap 'Salesforce'


Connecting Salesforce

11. Tap 'I already have a subscription'

12. Connect Salesforce Sandbox account


13. Tap 'Resync'



You're done!


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